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VO Peeps is a global meetup group dedicated to providing resources and information about the Voiceover, and related media, industries. Our mission is not only to network with other voice over artists and industry professionals, but to provide continuing education initiatives focused on growing our members’ voiceover skills while enhancing their business model.helping members succeed in the business.


Meetups feature educational segments with leading industry professionals covering a wide variety of topics relevant to helping members succeed in the business. Our unique, hybrid classes feature both live & remote instruction, integrated with the latest connection technology – offering a voiceover training experience unlike anything on the market today. Join, learn and grow from anywhere in the World…

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An original Jersey girl, now sunning it up in Orange County, Anne Ganguzza is an unforgettable personality. Her undeniable passion for voice-overs and sharing her knowledge with others led her to a full time career in VO and inspired her to form a local meetup group for voice over artists affectionately known as the Orange County VO Peeps.

The group gained in popularity quickly, and with it’s online presence, attracted attention from others around the globe. Realizing the tremendous advantages of sharing and disseminating information and resources globally, and effectively “breaking down” the traditional barriers of local meetup groups, the organization began extending its memberships to the onl