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Am I a candidate for Wirelign® treatment?

Wirelign® is an excellent esthetic limited treatment option for patients in good dental health who are seeking to address: -Minor to Moderate Crowding of Front Teeth -Minor to Moderate Spacing of Front Teeth -Post-orthodontic Treatment Relapse Still not sure if you are a candidate? Dr. Franks welcomes you to call for a free new patient consulation in her Center City office or contact her via e-mail at info@wirelignphiladelphia.com with photos of the teeth that you are hoping to improve with Wirelign® treatment so that she can give you a better idea if you are a candidate.

What are the benefits of Wirelign®?

Wirelign® is an excellent treatment option for patients with mild to moderate crowding or spacing of the anterior (front) teeth. Since the procedure does not use any brackets and the super-elastic wires are bonded so closely to the surface of the teeth, speech-related problems are non-existent. The low surface profile allows Wirelign® to be significantly more comfortable than standard braces and removable aligner systems. Since the wires are directly bonded BEHIND the teeth, the procedure is completely concealed and there are minimal eating restrictions.

What is the Wirelign® procedure?

The technique utilizes small pieces of nickel titanium wires like those that are used with standard orthodontic bracket systems. These wire segments are activated and bonded directly to the tooth's lingual (behind-the-teeth) surface to produce the desired tooth movement.

How many appointments will I need during my Wirelign® treatment?

The number of appointments varies depending on the number of teeth being treated, complexity of cases, and patient compliance. Although you will see results within the first few appointments, most patients' require an average of 8 to 12 appointments for treatment detailing and completion. The types of appointmentsyou will have are listed below. Free New Patient Consultation: Dr. Franks will do a complete exam to determine the best treatment option for your orthodontic needs and determine if you are a candidate for the Wirelign® procedure. Diagnostic records & Initial Placement of Wires Appointments: Radiographs, diagnostic photos along with the Initial Placement of Wires. These appointments can be done together or separately. For the Diagnostic records appointment we allow 30 minutes and the Initial Placement of Wires appointment typically allow an hour. "Re-Activation"/Adjustmentof Wires Appointments: These begin after the initial placement appointment and are scheduled every 4-8 weeks for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of tooth movement required. Wires and bonding are removed at these appointments, repositioned and reactivated to continue tooth movement. Insert a Fixed Retainer and Impressions for a Removable Retainer: Once the desired tooth alignment is achieved, a bonded lingual retainer wire will be placed. Impressions will be made for removable retainers. Final Records and Removable Retainer Delivery: Final radiographs and photos will be taken, removable retainers will be inserted. Retention Checks: follow up appointments are recommended to monitor retention every 6 months to a year.

Will my teeth stay aligned following treatment?

The philosophy in terms of retention varies among orthodontists, but most recommend lifetime retention. Teeth have a memory and have a tendency to relapse. A significant number of patients that inquire about Wirelign® have had relapse from previous orthodontic treatment. For this reason, fixed and removable retention are provided as a standard part of treatment in our office to maintain the alignment achieved with Wirelign®. A bonded lingual wire is placed once the teeth are aligned. These wires are more rigid than those used during the procedure but still have a very low profile and do not affect speech or lifestyle. It is recommended that these wires stay in place for a least a year following active treatment and if a patient would like the wires removed, that they make sure their provided retainers are fitting well and they wear these retainers regularly to prevent teeth from shifting. Our goal is to help you maintain the smile you worked so hard for!

Why is Wirelign® referred to as a "limited" treatment option?

While Wirelign® has evolved over the past 20 years, it is not without its limitations. Treatment with Wirelign® is primarily restricted to the improved alignment of the "Social 6" - the six front teeth on top and the 6 front teeth on the bottom. Wirelign® does not address malocclusions (deep bite, open bite, etc.) and only in select cases can align posterior (back) teeth.

How much does Wirelign® cost?

The cost for Wirelign® treatment varies depending on the number of teeth being treated and the complexity of the case. New patient consultations are absolutely free and an opportunity to discuss treatment cost and in-office financing options.

Do you participate in any insurance?

We do not participate with any insurance companies but our office is happy to submit claims to your insurance company so that you may be directly reimbursed for any covered procedures. We also offer in-office financing options.