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Are you Audition Ready?

Audition Ready Online with Tim Tippets

Are you looking to improve your audio? If you're a professional voice artist, producing great sounding auditions and audio is a critical element of your business. And it doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, or an advanced pro - your audio game needs to be ON POINT. When I first entered the industry, there were no resources that could help answer my very basic questions. The few options at the time were complex and seemed to be tailored for fully engineered musical productions - not to mention I felt like I needed a college degree in audio to understand them! Fast forward to today, now there is so much information and advice that it’s difficult to gauge what you should or should not be doing. As a voice artist, I really only have one track that I am concerned with - and that one track - my voice - needs to be pristine! What I really need is something easy to understand that is tailored to my needs as a voice talent.

Enter my good friend and colleague Tim Tippets, aka the VO Tech Guru, voice over pro, and one of the industry’s top and most respected audio tech experts. Tim came to me and told me about a new course he was developing, The Audition Ready Online course - designed to eliminate the fear, anxiety, and complications that stem from not having your arms around the audio tech side of your voice over business. We sat down for an interview to chat about audio and his newest course offering - which has been getting a ton of raves! Check it below:

Regardless of your experience, your recording software, or the space you voice in, the Audition Ready course breaks down all the required tech into simple, easy to follow modules that will teach you everything you need to know about acoustics, EQ, compression, downward expansion, speed editing, proper mic technique and everything else you need to sound your very best. And the coolest thing? Tim also has an online Facebook group to offer even more support to anyone who purchases the class. WOW.

As an educator for 25 years now, Audition Ready Online is one class I can truly recommend wholeheartedly. Hands down - Tim is passionate about audio - and he really cares about his students. Learn from a pro how to sound like a pro.

Now go on out there - Break a Lip - and win that audition!


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