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Casting Director Kim Hurdon Wrap-up!

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Casting Director Kim Hurdon joined the VO Peeps for an informative and engaging session to kick off the New Year! During the session, Kim shared her expertise on the intricacies of the "conversational" read - a read that "sits between an announcer read and an actual conversation." Instead of simply "talking to a friend," Kim emphasized the importance of selecting a specific person as the intended audience for the commercial and imagining that we were speaking directly to them. She also provided valuable tips on how to add inflection, vary the pace, and use specific words that would be effective in catching the audience's attention. Additionally, Kim highlighted the importance of sounding "like ourselves" while still maintaining a level of professionalism. Overall, an amazing;y educational and beneficial session!

Words of Wisdom:

Let the words do the work. Just say it. It’ll feel boring, let it be boring. - Kim Hurdon
Ad libbing in commercial doesn’t mean to change the script- add a button or a little magic. - Kim Hurdon
Make sure you’re smiling and it’s not too selly - it’s not just talking to a friend, it’s a hard concept to take into the booth. - Kim Hurdon

Peeps are saying:

Kim brings the best out in each of us…SO many great re-directs….thanks, Kim & Anne! We CAN read convo! - Ellen Richards Great job all you VO Peeps!!! Thank you so much for he wonderful direction Kim! So good! Thanks Anne for this course!!! - Monica Wolfkill Loved everyone’s work! Along with Kim’s direction! Great session this evening! - Terrell Kennet

Omgoodness...each workshop is better than the next. Thank You Anne for offering so many wonderful Classes/Workshops /Resources.....Through VO Peeps.....Kim Hurdon's recent Agent Workout was yet another event that brought some awesome peeps together to learn and grow - Renee P

Omigosh! Anne just keeps coming up with amazing workouts with the likes of the fantastic Kim Hurdon. Most impressively, Kim gave all of us equal time and really nurturing feedback. Kim is a great “actor’s director” with just the right amount of validation, encouragement and “work your butt off” approach to the copy. Kim is wonderful, Anne is wonderful the participants were wonderful—the workout was next level. Bravo!” Jennifer Brown VO

Video Replay

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