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Casting Director Workout With Mark Sweeney of Sound & Fury

Mark Sweeney, a Casting Director for Sound & Fury joins the VO peeps!

Read for Mark Sweeney, Casting Director at Sound & Fury! In this VO Peeps workshop, voiceover casting director, Mark Sweeney from Sound & Fury, will share casting director tips with an emphasis on fostering raw and grounded reads that are connected to the message while emphasizing the real person and personality behind the voice.

Participants will read for Mark and learn:

  • how to bring your personality to the modern conversation read

  • current trends in voiceover casting

  • how to get booked in today's fast-paced world

About Mark Sweeney

With Sound & Fury Casting, Mark's experienced ear is essential to identifying burgeoning voice talent and directing actors to deliver best-in-class performances. In the fast-paced, frenetic world of global voicecasting, he's punctilious, maintains a freakish amount of grace under pressure, and has an unwavering love for the Craft. Mark is crazy for camping, cooking, singing, craft cocktail-ing, movies on the big screen, and jazz.

Mark Sweeney knows his way around anything remotely close to a VO booth. A twenty-year veteran of the voiceover industry, he has lent his expertise to nearly every part of the voice acting process, from coaching new talent to recording some of the most recognizable voices in the world. Mark began his career as a commercial music supervisor and editor at a top LA film advertising agency; it's there he cut his teeth and the proverbial audio tape, editing hundreds of award-winning audio trailers and radio spots. For the next six years, he held the position of Booth Director for a prestigious bi-coastal theatrical talent agency directing voice actors, celebrities, comedians, and musicians daily.

Get one-on-one direction on your reads from Mark Sweeney! We'll meet via Zoom on Wednesday, March 15, from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm PT!! Reserve your seat today!

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