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Event Wrap up: Effortless Performance Techniques with Joe Ochman

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Valuable insights and wisdom were shared by special guest director Joe Ochman!

In this special VO Peeps workshop, veteran voice actor and coach Joe Ochman reminded us that focusing on delivering a genuine and authentic performance is key. Each actor was given a script to cold read based on their greatest challenge while Joe helped each actor to "find their easy". Joe taught the Peeps that muscle memory is a powerful tool that can make us better voice actors. By repeatedly practicing and refining our skills, we can develop a level of familiarity and comfort with our craft. As we internalize various techniques and approaches, they become second nature, allowing us to perform effortlessly. Overcomplicating things can hinder our ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level. Finding simpler ways of doing things and letting go of unnecessary complexities can enhance the impact of our voiceovers.

Words Of Wisdom

Don’t worry about how you sound. Worry about who you’re talking to and what you want them to do.
Your body is your friend, your ears are your friend, the more you listen to stuff the more you can discover and then look at the specs and go 'That’s what I just did.
Use your own personality. All the things you want to do when talking to someone, use these in your commercial work

Peeps Are Saying

Working with Joe was a delight! Joe was able to help me be grounded and connected reads to my video game work. Joe encouraged me to find powerful quiet moments to truly connect to my character. - Dianna Conley Working out with Joe Ochman vocal coach has been just magical. By coaching me with simple and clear direction

I have felt the emotions of my character like never before. He reminded me of the importance of using dynamics

in my voice just like music and made my performance ten times better in just a few minutes. Joe takes his time with each student and was warm fun, and a joy to work with. Also, Anne of the VO Peeps is prompt and courteous with any questions you may have. Thank you Anne and the VO Peeps for this amazing opportunity and I can't wait to come back for more ! - Much love , Kim Kanahele

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