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Event Wrap up: Remote Live Action Dubbing Webinar with 7 Holdings Media

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Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault led a special webinar previewing remote live-action dubbing with 7 Holdings Media

During this webinar, Fannie and Max, from 7 Holdings Media provided valuable tips and advice regarding the live-action dubbing industry. Live-action dubbing requires hands-on practice as each actor has their own unique approach and rhythm. The webinar also addressed the trend of on-camera actors transitioning to voice-over work during the pandemic and the increasing impact of AI in the industry. To stay competitive, actors were encouraged to equip themselves with a diverse range of skills in their acting toolbox. Live acting dubbing is an additional avenue for actors to enter the industry and explore new opportunities.

Want to work one-on-one with Fannie and Max and get a chance to be added to 7HM's Roster of Dubbers?

Back by popular demand: Fannie and Max will be back to lead the VO Peeps in a hands-on demonstration of their remote dubbing method. Get one-on-one instruction and practice with Remote Live Action Dubbing from Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault! Get honest feedback on where you stand as a dubber! Exceptional students will get a chance to belong to 7HM's Roster of dubbing actors. Audit spots are also available

Words Of Wisdom

The faster you connect to the character you’re dubbing, the better the session will go.
In dubbing, you’ll never get a role you think you’re right for. Follow your instincts in the audition. Make it as conversational as possible.
Once you get the gig and you get into the booth, you have to know what you’re doing.

Peeps Are Saying

"Thank you for setting up this workout, it was full of wonderful information! I have been a long time listener to the podcast and finally able to start jumping into classes/workshops. I really appreciate all the work and information you provide. Max and Fannie were stunning! I’m so excited to be setting up a session with them to continue learning more about dubbing. While I wasn’t really sure what to ask, there were so many great questions from everyone in the session. I didn’t really know anything about dubbing and I definitely walked away ready for more. Looking forward to more workshops." - Shelley Bryant "Finding VO Peeps is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! So much goodness happening all the time like the remote dubbing workshop with Fannie and Max from 7HM. they provided so much insight into the dubbing process and were generous with their experience and insight. I am looking forward to the hands on dubbing workshop to dig deeper into the pot of gold 🙂" - Bruce Nix "Being part of the VO Peeps community is really special. I look forward to monthly workouts and I learn so much watching the workouts in the library. I attended the Live Remote Dubbing Webinar with Fannie and Max 7Media and my eyes were opened to another area of voice over. It is such an honor to be in contact with pioneers in the industry. Fannie and Max have made it possible to dub from our home studios using VoiceQ and Rhythmo Band. I have already taken a 1-2-1 private and the process was engaging and fun. I was even added to their roster. How amazing is that! I log on to VO Peeps 5x week to learn and grow my business. Thanks Anne!" - Ursula Elmore

Free Monthly Workouts and Video Replays

VIPeeps members get monthly workouts with industry professionals for free! Sign up now to get access to free monthly workouts. As always, VIPeeps have access to workout archives when signed in to our website. Purchasing a VIPeeps™ Club membership will give you instant video access to previous and future VO Peeps educational archives, as well as over 150+ hours of educational content, 15% off live Guest Director Workouts, invites to directed monthly workouts with Anne & friends, and an exclusive members-only Facebook Group.

More Upcoming Events

By auditing the class, you'll gain invaluable insights into the Rythmo Band dubbing technique, currently in high demand, as you watch Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault provide one-on-one instruction and practice to participant voice actors. Witness live remote dubbing sessions and learn from the feedback provided by these industry professionals. This unique learning experience is perfect for voice actors looking to expand their skills and knowledge in the world of dubbing.

Get out of your head and dive in to your VO roles. No homework necessary. You'll be reading copy picked for you in the moment based on a genre - any genre - you choose and a challenge you feel you have in your work. Yo u'll "find your easy" - a simpler way to vault past that challenge. Or you may just find out that you don't have that challen ge at all! You were just in your head.


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