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Event Wrap-up: Finding New Characters through Vocal Placement w/Everett Oliver & Armi Abiera

screen capture of event zoom

Everett and Armi showed the peeps how to create new characters through vocal placement!

In this workshop, the Peeps learned dynamic mouth and vocal warmups, how to rest and stretch our voices, and how to place our voice in different ways to create new characters. We learned what parts of our face and throat create resonance and how to manipulate these areas to change our voices. We unlocked new voices to allow us to perform characters that were out of our wheelhouse.

Words of Wisdom:

Our voice is connected to our body, when we get into the physicality of a character, the voice will naturally follow. - Armi If we’re tensed we’re trying too hard. You’ll feel relaxed when you're being authentic and using proper placement. - Armi
Photos of characters can change. Always bring your own take on the character, no matter what the picture shows. - Everett Don’t think about it. Once you find the character’s voice, bring your personality and some of “you” to it. - Everett

Peeps are saying...

"Three hrs of nonstop fun. Diving into the wonderful world of finding characters just through vocal placement....Who knew? I can honestly say this class was one of the best classes I've taken in a while. Never being one for digging deeper into this Genre...I can now say Everett Oliver and Armi Abiera have convinced me to indeed dig deeper and find those inner characters that I know I do have, with Patience and Practice! So informative from start to finish....I'm not so afraid now to explore and grow in this Great Genre! Thanks for offering this class as well as all the many resources you provide for the Voiceactor, Anne, I've really enjoyed being a member and taking advantage of the discounted classes with VO peeps! Thank You....again...." - Renee Najour-Payne

Video Replay

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