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From Fan to Friend. How meeting Ellen Dubin helped me on my voiceover journey!

Ellen Dubin's voice is featured in two Oscar-nominated projects this year, and you can currently hear her as an AI in M3GAN.

They say you should never meet your heroes... but it's not always true. In 2019, I went to Comic-Con and met Ellen Dubin, one of my personal acting heroes. I approached Ellen's Comic-Con booth as a fan and ended up with a trusted friend and mentor. Ellen took the time to talk to me about video game voice acting, union vs. non-union work, and how to increase my bookings. Less than three years later, I was honored to be signed by the same LA-based agent as Ellen. I knew Ellen from my years as a Canadian Sci-Fi fan, and avid gamer. I grew up seeing Ellen in Lexx and Napolean Dynamite and hearing her voice in AAA games such as World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, and Skyrim. More recently, I was moved to tears by Ellen's performance in Dune and cheered for her as she is featured in two more Oscar Nominated films this year: Turning Red and La Pupille. Ellen has continued to evolve her craft and skills to stay relevant in the always-changing entertainment industry. You can learn from Ellen live on Zoom on February 16th!

I am so excited that Ellen is going to share her wisdom and skills as a coach with the VO Peeps this February. I have signed up as a participant to be directed on live reads and increase my video game bookings! I hope you'll join me.

In this intense 3 hour workshop, Ellen will help guide us as we explore together:

  • Basic techniques in breaking down video game copy. We will study actual scripts from produced video games.

  • Finding your signature approach to make the scripts soar through strong personal acting choices.

  • Various genres within this medium.

  • How to be confident in the art form and jump in without fear and have fun doing it.

More about Ellen Dubin

Ellen's powerful voice led her to work in AAA/indie video games: "Legends of Runterra", "Crisis Core: Final Fantavy VII Reunion", “Fallout “4 (BTVA Winner), “Skyrim”, “Elder Scrolls”, “World Of Warcraft”, “Star Trek Online”, “Wasteland 2+3”, “Defense Grid 2”, “Star Wars Uprising”, “Guild Wars 2”, ", “Starlink: Battle For Atlas”, “Astria Ascending”, “Agents Of Mayhem” , the cinematic trailer for "Valorant Esports" and "Ruination: League of Legends".Her role as Herida in “Skyforge” landed her a SOVAS nomination for Outstanding Video Game Voice Over, with another nod for Ms. Dazzle in “Adam Ruins Everything” for Best Animation Voice in a TV Series.

Currently, she is thrilled to be heard in the OSCAR Winning film “Dune” as Bene Gesserit Ancestors ( Best Sound Winner) in Pixars' Oscar Nominated "Turning Red", and Oscar nominated La Pupille, as well as an AI in Blumhouse's horror film "M3GAN". She is proud to be part of the Star Wars universe as Captain Phasma in the EMMY nominated “Star Wars Resistance” and “Lego: Star Wars” on Disney + .Ellen is the official narration voice of Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary and all four “World Of Color” at California Adventure Park as well as the voice model for Disney Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai.She can also be heard in Netflix’s “Bonfire Of Destiny” and “Crimes That Bind” and has recurring roles on the new series "Daniel Spellbound" on Netflix and "Elinor Wonders Why" on PBS Kids.

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