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In the Booth - Speed Round Auditions with Everett Oliver!

Voiceover Audition Challenge!

VO Peeps is pleased to welcome back Everett Oliver for our March VO Peeps monthly workout! Join us on March 18th for a Mock Audition challenge!

Is it taking forever for you to nail your character auditions? Each actor will be given 2 takes to make those characters stand out. This exercise will give the actor an opportunity to work with an experienced Voice Acting Director. The actors will perform 2 Takes on their reads and will be given feedback on their performance. Everett's goal is to get the actor out of their heads and see what it takes to be directed under pressure. After these speed rounds, we'll have callbacks and Everett will cast an actor for each script! See what it takes to compete as you get feedback on each round of reads, and compete in a mock audition process.

About Everett Oliver:

Currently operating his voiceover company formerly known as MY BOOTH DIRECTOR, specializing in Professional Directing for Voice Over auditions. He was an animation demo co-producer, a private coach for commercial and animation as well as a career building consultant.

In the year 2017, he was nominated for the co-producing/directing SOVAS Award in the category of Outstanding Animation/Gaming Demo Reel, Best Voiceover. He received another nomination for directing a Narration Demo Reel in the category of Outstanding Narration Demo Reel, Best Voiceover.


Mar 18, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT via ZOOM

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