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Is Your Demo Being Heard?

Audition Ready Online with Tim Tippets

It's an important question. One that can help you to land your next voiceover gig…

One of your main goals in your Voiceover business should be to make it easy for a producer to listen to as much of your demo as possible, as quickly as possible. That’s why Bob Merkel created the VoiceZam Player. VoiceZam’s demo Player features a track-list format that provides instant access to every part of your demo…. designed to encourage buyers to hear more of what your voice has to offer.

Full Disclosure. I am a Voicezam Affiliate. I am a Voicezam customer myself and only recommend products that I can stand behind and that have functionality that can help me in my business. Voicezam is one of those products. One that I use, and one that has really helped me to learn more about myself, my demos, and my business. That being said, read on to find out more about how VoiceZam may be able to help you!

How does VoiceZam help Producers?

On the VoiceZam Player, producers can listen through an entire demo or quickly focus in on

exactly the specific reads they are currently looking for AND easily download full demos or

individual reads to share with their end clients. The VoiceZam Player is designed with voice talent AND voice buyers in mind.

What does that mean for you?

You can add an unlimited number of complete demos to your VoiceZam Player AND add

unlimited reads inside of each demo. You can also quickly add your VoiceZam Player to your website with just a few lines of code. (Don’t worry, VZ provides plenty of short, helpful tutorials to help you along the way!) It has playback on smart phones, mobile devices and desktop platforms, to allow anyone, anywhere, to listen to your demos!

I sat down with the Voicezam owner and Founder Bob Merkel the other day to chat about the newest features of Voicezam. Check out my interview below:

Voicezam in Action!

One of the newest features of VoiceZam that I love is the Demo Zam Page - which can be generated in one click of your mouse button - and is great for sending genre specific landing pages to your potential clients. It can also act as a web site for those just starting out in voiceover that don't have their web sites completed yet. Here are a few examples:

To see an example of how Voicezam works with my extended range of demos and multimedia, you can check out my VoiceZam Player with all my demos here.

You can also see a sample of the player on my Automotive Annie web site as well!

Additional VZ Add-Ons are also available, and feature real-time listener data, one-shot email links to blast potential clients to your demos, video playback and more…

A Special Offer from Me - One month FREE!

If you like what you see here and want to get your own VoiceZam player, simply head on over to and use the promo code ANNEGAN - You'll pay for one month of the VoiceZam Player AND get one month of the Player free!



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