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Event Wrap-up: Vide Game Characters with Marc Graue

screen capture of event zoom

Marc Graue joined the VO Peeps in August to tell us how to create and sustain video game characters

In this session, Marc Graue brought his stable of characters and decades of acting experience to show us firsthand how to be a dynamic talent and bring the most to our video game auditions. He showed us how to perform reads with a variety of takes, emotions, pacing, and volume. We also learned the importance of technically flawless auditions and how to leave a lasting impression on casting directors.

Words of Wisdom:

Always err on the side of going too far, you can always pull back. Carry it further than you think you should. Show them you can get there. - Marc Graue
When you’re doing these auditions, think about pacing and volume. It’s not a commercial so you can take all the time you want. In a session they may ask you to pick up the pace a bit. - Marc Graue
The hardest thing is making it sound like we aren’t reading the lines - even though we are - Marc Graue

Peeps are saying:

"Marc Graue's Video Game workshop was a wealth of knowledge (I took so many notes!) And I gained so much simply from listening to his feedback to the other participants. The workshop was also excellently moderated by Anne herself and extremely well-organized! (Like Anne herself, ;) Thanks so much, Anne and Marc!" Sean Daeley "Video Game workout with Marc Graue: well organized, great information, supportive encouraging environment, and enthusiastic coach - what more could you want!" - Carrie Drovdlic "Was really impressed with Marc’s guidance and willingness to teach and direct, and with the supportiveness of all the voice talent on the workshop. I registered with VOPeeps as part of my learning experience getting into the voice acting world, and it has paid off so much." - Chris Bynum Video game workout with Marc Graue was AMAZING! He had so much knowledge that he willingly shared. His coaching was on point and it was great seeing everyone learning and having fun at the same time. Great session! - Monica Wolfkill

Video Replay

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