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Political Voiceover with J. Michael Collins Wrap-up

screen capture of event zoom

JMC taught us how to get involved in our Democracy!

We learned the five basic reads of political VO and how to book political work! We learned the different tones and voices needed for positive and negative reads about issues and people. We learned when to bring the announcer reads and when to lean into conversational, even sarcastic reads. We learned who to contact about booking political work, and how to target audiences based on our political party and preferences.

Words of Wisdom:

Negative political ads work. If you want to play in politics, you have to be part of the problem. - J. Michael Collins
Almost all voice types can play in political VO and announcer voices are welcome! - J. Michael Collins
Any issue you can think of, from drunk driving, to wearing masks, to highway grass, there are groups out there putting ads on TV. - J. Michael Collins

Video Replay

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Upcoming Events

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