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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Acting for Voice - Two-Part Masterclass w/Fred Melamed

Image Description: Pictures of Roy Samuelson and Colleen Connor. Each image features a quote: "Become a human metronome. Learn what one second feels like." - Roy Samuelson.  "Be the eyeballs for the audience. Say what you see within the story." - Colleen Connor

Image Description: Picture of Fred Melamed featuring a quote "You have to throw yourself, without reserve, into whatever role it is you're playing." - Fred Melamed.

This December, Fred Melamed joined us for a two-part masterclass in Acting for Voice. Considered to be one of the greatest character actors of all time, Fred taught us the techniques he uses when approaching all copy. Fred showed us how to approach voiceover as an art form, and focus on the acting, instead of "creating a brand". We learned his key elements of "good" art: it must be true, it must surprise you, and must make sense, to make it believable.

Words of Wisdom

"Voiceover is a mixture of what your tastes are and what you’re capable of doing. Eventually, the difference between what you imagine in your head, and what you’re capable of, becomes less and less" -Fred

"Be able to distill what is really YOU into something that’s fine-pointed, and that's when it becomes magic." - Fred "Think of the words “as if” as very powerful words when it comes to your acting." - Fred "In show business, the biggest joy is when someone stands up and they, sure enough, do it!" - Fred "The people that are really great artists don’t bat 1000. There’s a certain amount of leap necessary in being great. When you leap, you see the strengths that you have that you didn’t know you have. There’s no more powerful experience than realizing that the limitations that you think you have are not true." - Fred

Image Description: Pictures of VO Peeps with Roy Samuelson and Colleen Connor.

Image Description: Pictures of VO Peeps with Fred Melamed

What Peeps are Saying ...

“Over the years VO Peeps has provided one outstanding opportunity after another, and then what happens? They breach the clouds. I didn't know what to expect to comprise the time spent in Fred Melamed, 2 part, Master Class. As much as I always take away from VO Peeps workshops, I've come away from this encounter changed as a performer. I could not be more excited by what will come of applying Fred's direction and insight. In addition to being a 40 year veteran of VO & screen, he is clearly a beautiful human and that infectiously infuses all he does. Thank you Mr. Melamed and the VO Peeps." - Jenn Henry "This workout changed my whole perspective on bringing acting to any copy, including commercial copy. It got me out of my head and into the copy in believable and actionable ways." - Dianna Conley

Video Replay:

As always, VIPeeps have access to workout archives in the member's section of the website. Purchasing a VIPeeps™ Club membership will give you instant video access to previous and future VO Peeps educational archives, as well as over 150+ hours of educational content that you can access at your convenience, 15% off all live Guest Director Workouts, a directed monthly workout with Anne and other great guest directors, exclusive on-site forums with VO Tips and Tricks, your own VIPeeps Member Page, and an exclusive members-only Facebook Group.

Upcoming Events

Makes sure to Check out our events page for more exciting guest directors and workout opportunities. Our next event is:

This January, read character and commercial scripts for Agent Micaela Hicks from Vox Inc.

Gain a clear idea of what it takes to succeed in the character and commercial realm of this industry. Micaela will give you honest and raw feedback from the agent perspective. Micaela will share what she has learned over the years, what has changed, and what it takes to make it in the industry today.

Participants will read for Micaela and learn:

  • What casting directors are looking for and how can your agent help you get there

  • A clear understanding of how competitive the industry is and what skills are required to make it

  • Learning direction from your agent and creating characters

About Micaela

Micaela is an agent with Vox Inc. and has built her career by finding and developing actors who are fresh, funny and bring their own unique perspective to each audition and job. She worked hard to get to know advertisement firms in Chicago, Minnesota, NY, San Francisco, and LA... the list is long. She’s had phone conferences, meetings, lunches, and traveled to meet clients in different cities to ensure that she’s the one they call first, and her talent roster gets considered first for new campaigns and projects. Micaela has had the opportunity and privilege of working with and building relationships with top industry leaders throughout her career. She’s established a strong reputation as a voice over agent amongst her peers, associates and other professionals in her field. She began her career as a receptionist at SBV in October of 2000, became scheduler/booth director within a year, and worked her way up to the animation agent’s assistant. Her next career move landed her at Solid Talent where she worked on multiple areas of voiceover including; commercial, animation and video games, which she built within the agency from the ground up. Prior to her move to Vox, she was also an agent with Atlas Talent, where she worked in commercial, political ads, animation, video games, promo, and trailers.


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