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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Agent Workout w/Heather Dame

Heather Dame joined the VO Peeps in April to give us insight into the animation industry! Heather told us how to stand out in auditions!

We got some amazing feedback from Heather and learned that the setting is so important! Once you can visualize in your head where the character exists, that will come through in the read. We also learned to bring out our weird and funny so the casting directors know what our range is. Heather also covered the importance of nailing the pre-life of an audition to really steal the scene!

Words of Wisdom

"People try and give the casting director what they want. Don’t do this. Be yourself and do what you think is right!" - Heather Dame

"I’d rather have you be interesting, funny, and great than have everyone try and sound like the spec!" -Heather Dame

"Your email is your cover letter, and your demo is your resume. How you present yourself to us is how you’ll represent yourself to the buyers we present you to. If it’s negative, we’re not going to want to sell you." - Heather Dame

What Peeps are Saying ...

"Thank you Anne for offering Heather Dane’s animation workshop!! It was totally amazing and really helpful. I loved that Heather was so direct and insightful with everyone. She and you are just amazing. Thank you x’s 10,000." -Kathleen Kosche

"Thank you Anne and Heather Dame for the opportunity to get the best training and performance tips in a safe and supportive environment! As an auditor of this animation workout, I was able to observe and glean skills to help me in approaching my own character development. The time and money spent is truly a wise investment in building ones VO skill-set." - Cheryl Holling

"I had so much fun and enjoyed participating in the VO Peeps workout with Atlas Talent's animation agent, Heather Dame! I appreciated her honesty, direction, and feedback on my read. I also learned so much listening to the other amazing talent in the work out! Thank you, Anne for always getting the best people in the VO industry to give us the guidance we need. Thank you, Heather for taking the time from your busy schedule to work with us. Such a great evening!" - Michelle Way

"If you want to expand the horizon of your career, you must consider being a part of the VO Peeps. The opportunities offered within the group will open new vistas that you never expected. Take the time to look into it. You won't be sorry!" - Maryann Strossner

Video Replay:

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