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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Agent Workout w/Micaela Hicks

An in-depth Agent perspective!

Micaela Hicks taught us techniques in commercial and character voiceover. She covered trends that are currently happening in the voiceover industry, and we learned about the importance of answering specific questions for each audition we do. Micaela gave us tips on how to get our voices heard, marketing ourselves to an agent, and more. She emphasized the importance of being able to have fun in the recording booth, and she also went over different styles of performing characters. She stressed the importance of bringing emotion into your reads, breathing life into each character, and making sure that each character has their own personality.

Words of Wisdom:

You’re given specs, but it’s up to you to be creative and see what you can bring to the character from your soul. - Micaela
You will get what you put in. Trust in your ability. There’s so much content, so many avenues looking for voice talent. - Micaela
With commercial copy, you should sound personal, like you are talking directly to an audience member. Don’t be overly polished. - Micaela

What Peeps are Saying ...

"As always, Anne brings the goods! This was my first workshop with an agent, and it was such a positive experience. Micaela gave practical and honest feedback after every performance, which related to each actor's individual artistry as well as broader notes about the industry and its various different genres. There was plenty of time for each participant to perform and get feedback on two different scripts as well as to ask questions at the end. Overall, it was a very valuable and informative workshop. I can't recommend VOPeeps enough." - Boone Williams "The agent Workout with Micaela Hicks was a great "check" on my performance. I think when we perceive that we've reached a certain level we get comfortable with our performance. Hearing the feedback from Micaela reminded me to watch for those comfort zones and keep my ear sharp. It was a rare opportunity to be in front of peers, encourage them and share feedback with each other in the chat. Reading live in front of a group brings a new dynamic that was just a lot of fun". - Jennifer Tophoney

Video Replay

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