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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Agent Workout with Vince LeBica of DPN Talent

Vince LeBica, an esteemed agent from DPN Talent in Los Angeles, joined the VO peeps for a commercial workout. Vince directed and redirected peeps on their reads into bookable auditions! Vince generously shared his expertise and wisdom with aspiring talents, guiding them through the intricacies of the profession and how to incorporate strategies to get their auditions put on the shortlist. He delved into various aspects of the voice acting business, offering invaluable advice on everything from vocal techniques to navigating the complex world of agent submissions and negotiations.

Words of Wisdom

Come up on one word and come down on the next - peaks and valleys, talking with your hands can help you get those levels. - Vince LeBica
Write down ten brands you want to work for in the next two years - staying within your wheelhouse! - Vince LeBica
Everything should have a rate and term. In perpetuity should not exist in our business. - Vince LeBica

What Peeps are Saying ...

What an AMAZING workout we had with Vince LeBica of DPN Talent. His direction was so clear and easy to follow and the Q&A afterwards was the icing on the cake. I learned a TON! Thanks

- Leigh L. Vince LeBica offered one of the most in-depth Q and A sessions I've ever been a part of. Vince didn't just answer the questions, but answered the questions behind the questions. Vince gave us in-depth insight into the industry as well as constructive feedback to each reading participant. -Dianna C. -DPN Talent's Vince LeBica ran a fantastic workout! His individual feedback was detailed and positive, and his Q&A session gave everyone lots of current insights from an industry pro. I'm going to rewatch it to make sure I didn't miss anything! -Sean Mahan

Video Replay:

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