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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Animation w/MJ Lallo

MJ Lallo joined the VIPeeps in November to bring out the comedy in Animation!

In this amazing session, we improvised original characters and learned:

  • How to do vocal trills and twirls to discover your range.

  • Don’t be afraid to make some of your lines musical with your characters, especially in animation scripts!

  • Use your hands to add a lot of emotion to your read!

  • Find action words, play with it and find the deeper meaning. Add it to the text.

  • When you do an evil laugh, really make it evil - show off that range of evilness!

Words of Wisdom

"When you’re being asked about your character, speak AS your character - get into the character and talk as them. It helps to put you in that place to start your read.." - MJ Lallo

"Play with levels in your voice to show different emotions in the copy" - MJ Lallo "React to what’s going on in the scene. If something smells fishy - and you say so in the copy - react to it! Add it to your performance" - MJ Lallo

What Peeps are Saying ...

"MJ's enthusiasm and joyful spirit really inspired us all to play! Her insightful suggestions sparked creativity to help us find the energy of the scene and the character."

- Bonnie Marie Williams

Video Replay:

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Up Next:

Our VIPeeps members can Sign up now for our December Workshop: Find the Funny - Ha Ha Holiday Edition.

Find the Funny! You don’t have to be a comedian to find the funny in your copy. When you get an audition that asks for Amy Poehler or Kenan Thompson, do you panic? Or do you bring out your inner SNL performer and make ‘em laugh? There’s a rule in comedy that funny people know: THE TRUTH IS FUNNY! We’ll discuss the elements of comedy, talk about what makes a script funny, comedic character archetypes, finding your inner comedian, and why having a sick sense of humor can actually help your reads.

About Bonnie

Hailing from Los Angeles, Bonnie has been acting on the stage, television, film, and a voice actor for over 20 years. Credits include Isabel in THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE, Margaret in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, and Glory and Rhonda in ALMOST, MAINE. She also recently performed in COMING BACK FOR ME, the winner of Project Chrysalis 2.0 with Cary Playwrights. Voiceover clients include Amazon, Buick, NC State, Toyota, and K-Swiss. She has a Bachelors in Theatre Arts from CSU San Bernardino. When she's not recording in the studio, she can be found hanging out with her dog Marcel, drinking too much coffee, and serving on the board at North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre. You should totally check out her website at

Workouts will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and limited to 10 participants. Select workouts will feature guest directing from VO Peeps Founder Anne Ganguzza as well as other industry experts. Join us for a peer-led workout, hosted by Bonnie Marie Williams.


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