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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Animation with Bob Bergen

Bob Bergen joined the VO Peeps in October to bring our character creation for animation to new heights! We had an amazing time learning from the voice of Porky Pig! Bob showed the Peeps: how to think on our feet, create memorable characters, how to increase our chances of booking, and how to succeed once we have been cast in a role.

Words of Wisdom

"Acting is REacting. You are responding to someone in your scene." - Bob

"80% of animation is in our imagination. The truth of the matter is, we make this stuff up. You’ve got limited information. Your job is to fill in the blank. Who are you talking to, what’s your relationship, and where are you?" - Bob

"It doesn’t have to be the right choice. It just has to be a committed choice". - Bob "We are storytellers. We inspire the animators to do their jobs even better" - Bob

What Peeps are Saying ...

“Over the moon, I am, to be breathing the same virtual Zoom air with stellar talent, Bob Bergen! His professionally candid, real-world, take-a-risk direction; insights into creative performance techniques for bookable auditions; & all-around clear communication with a sense-of-humor, made for a memorable learning experience that really stretched this “Ol’ Broad’s” voice acting performance. Thank you, Anne & Bob, for a truly inspirational experience.” - Ellen Van Treuren Richards

“You know VO Peeps Workouts are the best...when you can't wait to get that email announcing the next one. Anne, thank you for all you do for the voiceover community. And...Bob Bergen...WOW! So GOOD.” - Theresa Dodge “Bob Bergen is a treasure. Giving, funny, excellent tell-it-like-it-is director and all-around great human being. A couple of my favorite quotes from him,""the choices you make do not have to be the writer's choices, they just have to be choices" and "perform the scene, don't read the lines". thank you Anne for bringing him to play with us!!” - Bill Kernodle

That's NOT All Folks!

Bob was so popular, that we have asked him back! Stay tuned to the events page for information!

Video Replay:

As always, VIPeeps have access to workout archives in the member's section of the website. Purchasing a VIPeeps™ Club membership will give you instant video access to previous and future VO Peeps educational archives, as well as over 150+ hours of educational content that you can access at your convenience, 15% off all live Guest Director Workouts, a directed monthly workout with Anne and other great guest directors, exclusive on-site forums with VO Tips and Tricks, your own VIPeeps Member Page, and an exclusive members-only Facebook Group.

Upcoming Events

Makes sure to Check out our events page for more exciting guest directors and workout opportunities. Our next events are:

This November, learn about getting work in Audio Description for the Blind with Colleen Connor and Roy Samuelson

Participant spots are sold out, but audit spots still remain! Auditors can mute and play along, and gain some real-world knowledge and ideas for pursuing their own unique skills to contribute to audio description quality and excellence. With Roy and Colleen's professional guidance and a supportive and encouraging environment, you can test out your own approach to audio description. For blind and low vision performers, screen-readable or braille text docs are available in advance and other specific accessibility.

This December, find out the new direction of Promo work with Jeff Howell

Practically every year, a new network or channel pops up, and a few others disappear. Keeping up with the everchanging rebranding in this volatile area of the voiceover business takes a lot of skill and perseverance. In this session, you will be given the necessary information to take the next leap into promo, and then discover ways to find your own path towards booking in this exciting area of the voiceover business.

Sign up to read for Jeff and learn:

  • Information on the current trends

  • Steps to getting access to promo copy

  • Skills required for the new styles of promo


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