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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Find the Funny w/Bonnie Marie Williams

Bonnie Marie Williams joined the VIPeeps in August to help us Find the Funny in our VO Scripts!

In this interactive directed session we learned:

  • How to bring the truth to comedy

  • The elements of comedy.

  • Comedy archetypes and how they apply to voiceover.

  • How to bring your life experiences into comedy

Words of Wisdom

"Sometimes a really bad imitation ends up being a really good character." - Bonnie Marie Williams

"Authenticity is powerful. Most great comedy comes from the pain of life." - Bonnie Marie Williams

What Peeps are Saying ...

"Way to go, Bonnie! That (Find the Funny) was SO much fun! I LOVE doing partner reads! I don't see that option out in VO-Land very often and I didn't realize we were going to have the opportunity do them tonight, so it was a really nice surprise. Let's make this a regular offering. I KNOW it would be popular!!." - Debra Fowler

Video Replay:

As always, VIPeeps have access to workout archives in the member's section of the website. Purchasing a VIPeeps™ Club membership will give you instant video access to previous and future VO Peeps educational archives, as well as over 150+ hours of educational content that you can access at your convenience, 15% off all live Guest Director Workouts, a directed monthly workout with Anne and other great guest directors, exclusive on-site forums with VO Tips and Tricks, your own VIPeeps Member Page, and an exclusive members-only Facebook Group.

Peer-Led workouts are BACK! - August 18th 5:30pm PT/ 8:30pm ET

Join the VO Peeps in our Peer-Led Workout Series. Due to popular demand, we are bringing back a chance to connect with our peers and hone our craft so that we may be of service to our community and grow our businesses. The VO Peeps is proud to bring back our Peer-Led workout series, where you can get together in a motivating and encouraging environment with other working pros, practice your reads, and get tips and tricks to elevate your performance! Peeps of a feather, stick together!

Bring the auditions you're currently working on, or a practice script, and receive feedback from your peers on your performance.

Workouts will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and limited to 10 participants. Select workouts will feature guest directing from VO Peeps Founder Anne Ganguzza as well as other industry experts. Join us for a peer-led workout, hosted by Bonnie Marie Williams.


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