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Post-Workout Wrap Up - How to Book Commercial work with Hugh Klitzke

Commercial voiceover expert Hugh Klitzke joined the VO Peeps this June, with a unique workshop that critiqued each reader's commercial demo and compared it with a live commercial read to see if they were similar. Hugh emphasized the importance of understanding the purpose behind your voice and its commercial application. Updating your demos when your skills and the voiceover landscape evolves, is crucial to stay relevant. Demos should sound genuine, avoiding "bad smiling sounds" and maintaining a natural tone. Embrace regional differences and craft scripts that engage listeners by talking with them, not at them. Clarify values and use personal connections in storytelling for a natural read. Hugh's insights underscore the importance of continuous improvement and authenticity in voiceover artistry.

Words of Wisdom

We need to be talked with, not talked AT. - Hugh Klitzke
Pay attention to the little voice in your head, but make sure it’s informed! - Hugh Klitzke
Cliches are cliches because there’s a grain of truth. Find the trith in the cliche and bring it out in your read. - Hugh Klitzke

What Peeps are Saying ...

Hugh's workshop offered a unique opportunity to revisit my demo and compare it to my current skill level. I got some ideas for a demo shakeup to help stay current and bookable in the industry. - Dianna C.

Video Replay:

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Upcoming Events

Makes sure to Check out our events page for more exciting guest directors and workout opportunities.

This July, VO Peeps is proud to welcome Steve Pogatch from Studio Resonate which operates Sirius XM and Pandora. Steve is the Sr. Manager of Voiceover Operations at Studio Resonate. Steve will be giving participants a chance to read real commercial scripts from Sirius and XM and Pandora! Steve will direct participants on the conversational read, and the ever-growing podcast-style read.


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