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Post-Workout Wrap Up - The New Direction of Promo w/Jeff Howell

Jeff Howell joined the VO Peeps this December to show us the new trends in Promo.

Trends are changing, and we are now hearing a more diverse voiceprint, with promo reads evolving to be less stylized and more natural-sounding. in promo. Jeff showed the peeps how to analyze the structure of a promo script, how to match the mood of the show, and how to honor the intentions of the promo writers and network. Jeff also discussed tips for demos, getting work through agents, managers, and directly through working your contacts.

Words of Wisdom

"A quick google search should bring up your website! Make sure your website is close to the top of the Google search webpage. Sometimes casting directors look through your website when casting." - Jeff
"Lines in promo build up to a reveal - a setup and a payoff. When you get scripts that lead to something, hold back so that you can add some punch to the payoff without sounding out of control." - Jeff
"In Promo, observe the punctuation. Don't create punctuation, we don’t have time for it." - Jeff
"If you had a TV where you could see everyone listening to your promo and you’re trying to get them to stay. This is the sense of urgency that needs to be in your read. They’re getting ready to get off the couch and you're trying to stop them, capture and engage that audience, tease them into watching it. You need to have that in your delivery, the urgency, the desire." - Jeff

What Peeps are Saying ...

“DO IT!!! I'm SO glad I took a recent Promo workshop with Anne, with special guest speaker, Jeff Howell. This is the 2nd workshop I've done, led by Anne! I'd always wondered if I had a knack for Promo work and taking the workshop was the PERFECT way to receive constructive feedback from a truly seasoned Promo professional to that end. Whether you're looking to brush up on a particular genre or looking to explore a new one, Anne's workshop classes are the perfect environment for growth!” - Mike Ciporkin

"Jeff Howell's Promo Workshop with VO Peeps was outstanding. He is very generous with his time & information. It is very obvious that he is passionate about teaching. He even went out of his way to research every participant's background prior to the workshop; just so he knew what to expect from each actor. I don't know too many instructors who go that extra mile. His feedback is straight to the point; there is no sugarcoating. His training method provides motivation for actors to strive more toward their goals. Because Jeff is such a sought-after Director, he may not teach very often. So if you ever have the opportunity to train with Jeff, that will be a wise decision!" - Mike Woodley

Video Replay:

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