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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Voices Voicecasting w/Mary Lynn Wissner

Mary Lynn Wissner joined the VO Peeps in June to give us insight into what casting directors look for when selecting talent. Mary Lynn’s passion has always been commercials - trends change, the industry changes - you can be anywhere and have access to really great auditions and agents outside of Los Angeles.

Mary Lynn provided us with some insightful feedback on our reads and taught us how to sound unique and believable. She spoke of the challenges of voiceover, including not sounding like you're reading, sounding conversational, and standing out from the crowd. We learned the importance of ad-libs, how to do a "sexy" read, and how acting skills are needed to succeed.

Words of Wisdom

"The sexy read isn’t about being breathy - it’s about confidence and being a badass." - Mary Lynn Wissner

"When you are the voice of a commercial, you are an announcer - that’s your role. That doesn’t mean you have to sound like your typical ‘announcer voice.’" - Mary Lynn Wissner

"If you were doing an on-camera audition, you would be physical. All that movement comes through in your voice. And that helps you not sound like you’re reading." - Mary Lynn Wissner

What Peeps are Saying ...

"Jam-packed, loaded with great advice and insights! One heck of a good time well-spent. This session was very much up to the high standards of the Peeps Outfit."

-Tony Cobb

Video Replay:

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Upcoming Events

Makes sure to Check out our events page for more exciting guest directors and workout opportunities.

The session will focus on explaining the various techniques of Lip-synch dubbing and introduce the Band Rythmo technique with hands-on experience and practice. The exponential increase in demand for material by companies such as Amazon Prime and Netflix means that the localization of foreign content is greater than ever. Lip-synch and localization into American English is a cheaper alternative to creating new content and the amount of dubbed content is set to increase tenfold in the next 5 years. Be ready to ride that gravy boat.


  • Practical experience of the dubbing techniques

  • Understanding of the process, from "reading" breaths to "acting in reverse"

  • Pre-emptive reading, triangulation, it's an Absolute Blast.

We'll meet via Zoom on SATURDAY, July 17th, from 11am - 1pm PT!! Reserve your seat today!


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