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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Voices Voicecasting w/Mary Lynn Wissner

Mary Lynn Wissner joined the VO Peeps in May to give us insight into the changing trends of commercial voiceover. She presented five styles that are frequently requested in commercial copy. She also discussed what casting directors look for when selecting talent, industry changes, and making your auditions stand out.

In addition to providing us with some insightful tips on how to sound unique and believable, Mary Lynn also gave us in-depth feedback on our reads and stressed the importance of not sounding like you're reading, and the importance of improv!

Words of Wisdom

"What we don’t need is readers. We need actors!" - Mary Lynn Wissner

"Any time you get a script with a personal pronoun, it is automatically a “real person” read, and you can put your own personal spin on the audition." - Mary Lynn Wissner

"How do you make something sound human? Add layers and levels!" - Mary Lynn Wissner "If you treat your copy like it’s an answer to a question, it brings out the conversational read." - Mary Lynn Wissner "Focus on being you. No one else sounds like you!" - Mary Lynn Wissner

What Peeps are Saying ...

"Had an AWESOME time at the webinar last night starring the amazing Mary Lynn Wissner... her direction is MAGIC”

- Brad Hyland "Tonight's webinar Mary Lynn Wissner's From Blocked to Booked was phenomenal. She has a way of directing that is illuminating and to the point and totally supportive. Some of her "tricks" were new to me and have now found a place on my studio wall. Can't wait for another opportunity to work with her."

- Jane Beverley

Video Replay:

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