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Event Wrap-up: Sam Roberts Agent Workout

screen capture of event zoom

Sam Roberts of In Both Ears brings wisdom to the Peeps!

This September, Sam Roberts, agent for In Both Ears, joined the VO Peeps for an interactive voiceover workout. Sam shared how to make an impression on an agent and how to bring your own uniqueness to your commercial auditions. We learned the intricacies of radio versus TV commercials, and how to cut through the noise of the morning drive. Sam reminded us to make sure to perform as if the product we are selling is THE BEST! In Both Ears (a Portland-based agency) has a lot of clients that want us to know that Oregon is the best state and Portland is the best city! :)

Words of Wisdom:

It’s OK to take your time when you’re practicing in a script that’s supposed to be fast - that way you find the beats and the moments within it. - Sam Roberts
We believe talent should have no more than seven agents total - three in major markets and four in regional markets. Even this is pushing the envelope. More representation than this leads to over-saturation and duplication of efforts, in our opinion. There’s no need for everyone to spin their wheels on the same casting calls, which is what happens when talent have too many agents. - Sam Roberts
If it’s not working, up the energy. - Sam Roberts

Video Replay

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