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Scott Parkin Event Wrap-up

screen capture of event zoom

Scott Parkin joined the VO Peeps this June for Improv!

Scott Parkin showed the peeps the importance of improv in auditions and voiceover work, when and how to Improv, and how to make auditions believable and bookable! We learned to add sounds, false starts, and other elements to help make it sound more real. So many of our casting specs today ask for a conversational read. To accomplish this, you need to keep your improv loose, realistic, and authentic.

Words of Wisdom:

Anything that isn’t written on the script is improv! - Scott
Make it real and you’re probably gonna be ok! - Scott
Voiceover - It's a very weird business, where we compete with our friends for food and shelter. - Scott

Peeps Are Saying:

"Scott Parkin’s energy, enthusiasm, & fast paced great direction, all make for a fun & informative session. Improv continues to be one of my biggest challenges, & I’m so glad I showed up for this one. Thanks, Scott & Anne!" - Ellen Van Treuren Richards

"Scott Parkin is the bomb!!! Such a great class. Thanks, Anne, for sponsoring." - Marie Hoffman "I felt like a fish out of water but it was a good challenge! thanks for the motivation." - Bill Kernodle

Video Replay

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