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VIPeeps Gratitude and Goals w/Anne Ganguzza! Wrap-up Post

screen capture of event zoom

Anne kicked off 2022 with a Goals and Gratitude session for our VIPeeps Members!

We started off our session by expressing our gratitude for all we had accomplished in 2021. We then discussed the best ways to set realistic goals for 2022 and the concrete steps needed to get there. We looked at the significance of writing things down in order to achieve our goals. We also discussed how important it is to write down our accomplishments in order to set a benchmark for growth in the new year.

Words of Wisdom:

Don’t be complacent in your business, have a growth mindset. - Anne Ganguzza
Manifest your goals by writing them down. Make sure to be kind to yourself and don't set unrealistic goals. - Anne Ganguzza
You need to look at what you’ve done in the past and be grateful for the things that worked out - and even the things that didn't - so you can move forward in the new year. - Anne Ganguzza

Video Replay

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