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VIPeeps Monthly Meetup with Accent and Dialect Coach D'Arcy Smith

Accents and Dialects with D'Arcy Smith!

This month, VIPeeps members will get to explore accents and dialects from Voice, Dialect, and Communication Coach D'Arcy Smith!

About D'arcy Smith:

D’Arcy Smith is a Professor in the Acting Department at the University of Cincinnati. He brings over 20 years of experience as a professional actor, coach, and teacher of performers.

As a voice, text, and dialect coach he has worked on over 90 professional productions. Before coming to CCM he was a resident voice coach at the Guthrie Theater for 4 seasons, and voice coach for numerous professional acting companies in the US, Canada, and New Zealand including Actor’s Theater Louisville, Cincinnati Playhouse, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, The Guthrie Theater, American Player’s Theater, Penumbra Theater, The Jungle Theater, Theater Latte da, Circa, and Taki Rua, He has also worked on television series as a dialect coach in New Zealand.

VIPeeps Members Only

*Please note - You must be a current monthly or yearly member of VIPeeps in order to enroll for this free monthly workout! This workout is for educational purposes only and does not guarantee employment. Visit to sign up for a membership. See you at the workout!

To Register:

Go to the event page and make sure to log in with your VIPeeps email and password to get FREE access!

See you at the workout!


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