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VIPeeps Monthly Meetup: Animation Improv with MJ Lallo

Animation Improv

Sign up now for our November Workshop: Animation Improv with MJ Lallo on Wednesday, November 3rd, from 5:30 - 7 pm PT!

Let's get physical! Animation is hard work, and we create the best character when we can think on our feet and move our bodies! Learn how to create characters on the spot by taking this Improv workout with MJ Lallo. We'll start with a physical warmup and then move into creating unique characters.

About MJ

MJ Lallo is an award-winning voice-over artist, singer, composer, and music producer. She is a woman of many voices and talents. She is with the Bobby Ball Talent Agency-LA, Voice Talent Productions in NYC, and The Atherton Group in Dallas. She's done a ton VO's for DVD projects, commercials, animation, and games. She's been simultaneously teaching and working in the entertainment industry since 1990.

VIPeeps Members Only

*Please note - You must be a current monthly or yearly member of VIPeeps in order to enroll for this free monthly workout! This workout is for educational purposes only and does not guarantee employment. Visit to sign up for a membership. See you at the workout!

To Register:

Go to the event page and make sure to log in with your VIPeeps email and password to get FREE access!

See you at the workout!


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