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VIPeeps Monthly Meetup: Improv Games w/ Dianna Conley

Improv Game with Dianna Conley!

This month, VIPeeps members will get to play Improv games with Improv Artist Dianna Conley!

During these unprecedented times 😉 , Improv has also moved online, with performers taking to zoom to perform and play! Join us for a night of improv games that will help bring ingenuity and creativity to your reads. Mastering the art of Improv will help you stand out from the competition! Learn how to think on your feet and join us for a night of laughs and learning.

About Dianna Conley:

Dianna Conley is a Professional Voice Actor and Improv Artist in Orange County, CA. Dianna performs in improv troupes in both the OC, and Detroit, MI.

VIPeeps Members Only

*Please note - You must be a current monthly or yearly member of VIPeeps in order to enroll for this free monthly workout! This workout is for educational purposes only and does not guarantee employment. Visit to sign up for a membership. See you at the workout!

To Register:

Go to the event page and make sure to log in with your VIPeeps email and password to get FREE access!

See you at the workout!


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