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VIPeeps Monthly Meetup: Reprogram Your Performance with Elaine Clark

Reprogram Your Performance

Sign up now for our July Workshop: Reprogram Your Performance with Elaine Clark on Wednesday, July 7th, from 5:30 - 7 pm PT!

Stuck in your head? Hitting a performance roadblock? Ready to revitalize your reads? Let's unlock those old patterns and reprogram how you mentally, physically, and emotionally approach voice-overs. Each student is encouraged to bring a script they struggled with in some way, shape, or form. Then, in 5-words or less, define their performance problem for that script. It could be finding the truth, sounding believable, creating a story arc, settling into the appropriate style, finding the right tempo, making a bold choice, hiding the sell, sounding "real", or a host of other issues. Elaine Clark will listen to each of you read your script and offer an alternative approach to reprogram your performance.

About Elaine Clark:

Elaine Clark is the author of the first voice-over training book, There's Money Where Your Mouth Is [now in its 4th edition], recently released Voice-Overs for Podcasting book, creator of two speech and diction apps, Activate Your Voice and Adding Melody to Your Voice, and host of the podcast series Real Talking Tips. In 1986 she started one of the first voice-over acting schools in the country. Thirty-two years and thousands of trained voice-actors later, she sold the school to concentrate on private coaching, casting, client production, writing, acting, and other creative endeavors. In addition to teaching, Elaine brings 4 decades of casting, directing, producing, audio engineering, and performance experience in countless genres including commercial, narration, video game, toy, animation, anime, IVR, and audiobook. She excels at getting actors out of their head and into their body so they are authentic, truthful, and real.

VIPeeps Members Only

*Please note - You must be a current monthly or yearly member of VIPeeps in order to enroll for this free monthly workout! This workout is for educational purposes only and does not guarantee employment. Visit to sign up for a membership. See you at the workout!

To Register:

Go to the event page and make sure to log in with your VIPeeps email and password to get FREE access!

See you at the workout!


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