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VIPeeps Monthly Meetup: YouTube with Rick MacIvor

YouTube for Voice Actors: How to use video to find more work

This month, VIPeeps members can sign up for our May Workshop with Rick MacIvor on Wednesday, May 5th, from 5:30 - 7 pm PT!

There’s a reason that social media platforms are featuring more and more video content. Videos are powerful and pervasive; they convert prospects to leads and leads to clients.

63% of businesses believe that video gets the best ROI. As a voice actor, you’re a small business owner. You need to be using this powerful tool. It’s easier than you think. With the right understanding and practices, using YouTube to support your business with video will help clients find you. After all, YouTube is the #1 site for video hosting and web traffic worldwide!

With hundreds of hours of produced and uploaded content since 2010, Rick MacIvor knows what works and what doesn’t on the world's 2nd largest social media platform.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why voice actors need to be on YouTube. (hint: it’s where your clients live)

  • How to optimize your channel as a Voice Talent.

  • The secret sauce of using the powerful YouTube tools that will put you in front of your potential clients.

  • How to boost your content’s visibility with uploading best practices.

  • Understand the YouTube algorithm and how it affects content performance.

  • Maximize your branding and improve your SEO using video content.

  • What’s hot, and how to find trending topics that will help your content stand out.

  • Cross-platform promotion that will help drive your Voice Over business.

Active participants will be entered to win a 30-minute channel review/content creation coaching session.

About Rick MacIvor:

Rick MacIvor is a voice talent, video producer, and creative entrepreneur. Rick currently manages multiple successful YouTube Channels for content creators, voice coaches, and voice talent. Channels that focus on content creation, social media marketing, and prospect interaction.

VIPeeps Members Only

*Please note - You must be a current monthly or yearly member of VIPeeps in order to enroll for this free monthly workout! This workout is for educational purposes only and does not guarantee employment. Visit to sign up for a membership. See you at the workout!

To Register:

Go to the event page and make sure to log in with your VIPeeps email and password to get FREE access!

See you at the workout!

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