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Wrap up: Character Creation with Bob Bergen

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Bob Bergen returned this March with character audition wisdom!

In this interactive workout, the Peeps learned the importance of having fun creating their characters in the booth. Watch, emulate, mimic real people. Learn from authenticity. Think relationships. Acting is key. 99% of auditioners play the obvious. Be the 1%! Be creative. Think character, personality - not voice. Also, remember to do your research: “Who’s casting it? What network? What time of day? Who’s the producer?”

Words of Wisdom:

A lot of reasons why we don’t book is because we don’t think like a casting director. A lot of reasons we don’t get an agent is because we don’t think like an agent. - Bob Bergen
The more we can react to, the more interesting the read will be. These are layers of subtext. See it in your head. - Bob Bergen
Don’t take direction as correction. The moment we feel corrected, we’re afraid to try again. But if you go with “They don’t know what they want” to see if it sticks, you’ll relax a bit, that’s all they want. - Bob Bergen

Peeps Are Saying:

"Bob Bergen's return to the VO Peeps for his second animation workout was nothing short of a masterclass! Not only did he give us valuable insight from his 40+ year career as one of the top voices in the industry, but his direction with each student when it was our turn behind the mic was also so incredible. Getting directed by Bob was the inspirational kick in the butt I needed, and I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity. Thank you again, Bob and thank you for bringing him back to your students, Anne! " - Bonnie Marie Williams

Video Replay

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Stay tuned to the VO Peeps Event Page! Bob will be back in November!


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