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Wrap-up: Promo Workout with Rick Wasserman

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"When you book in promo, it pays out for the next several months!" - Rick Wasserman

The VO Peeps were fortunate to have Rick Wasserman, the signature voice of the AMC network for over 15 years, as a guest director at our voiceover workshop. One of the most important things that we learned, is that actors must have an action, even in promo. That’s why you’re called an ACTor, because you’re in ACTion. Anybody can say words on a page, but, as a voice actor, you have to convey the story in your head to an audience. Rick showed us a process for preparing any script. He encouraged all voice actors to do the prep work out of the booth BEFORE going in to record.

Words of Wisdom:

Tell the richest, most specific, you-centric story you can. - Rick Wasserman
Look for beats and pivots, and structure, when things change. Don’t feel like you’re reading a paragraph, but taking the listener on a journey. - Rick Wasserman
One thought, one breath. - Rick Wasserman

Peeps Are Saying:

"The workout with Rick Wasserman was fabulous! There was a takeaway from each participant's read. Rick is the pinnacle of promo. Watching him flip the switch between scripts... it was like watching an Olympic figure skater. Effortless and dead on. There was a useable takeaway from each participant's read. Really learned a lot! Thanks, Anne!" - Jennifer T.

"I had an excellent time at the Promo Deep Dive workout with Rick Wasserman! Rick is very much the "actor's director." He gave us detailed steps to break down scripts to prepare for each and every audition. His feedback on our reads was detailed and incredibly useful. Thanks, Anne, for all the great VO Peeps content!" - Jared M.

Video Replay

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