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VoCal Wellness Kit ™
  • The VOcal Wellness Kit ™  comes with one each VOcal Throat Spray,  VOcal Immunity Blast, VOcal H20, and VOcal Booth Breeze.


    VOcal Throat Spray ™ – cult favorite throat spray, formulated for boosting the immune system and soothing dry, scratchy, irritated voices.


    VOcal Immunity Blast ™ – roll-on with simple & natural ingredients to help combat early cold or flu symptoms.


    VOcal Booth Breeze ™ – neck spray instantly cools and refreshes during those long recording sessions. 


    VOcal H20 ™ – water enhancer improves the taste of those necessary between-take sips. No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

    VoCal Wellness Kit ™


      “VOPeeps VOcal spray rocks! Was able to do two big characters in a six-hr session and record an industrial narration without burnout!”  – Ken Spassione Jr. Voice Talent


      “VOcal Spray has saved me and is keeping me recording! Didn’t use it a few days and got sick! Definitely works!! I am due for a re-stock!”  – Tiffany Marz VO


      “VO(cal) Peep Throat Spray is a must have in every voiceover talent’s studio. I have seasonal threats and this time of the year they are especially difficult on a talent. For the past two weeks I have been using VOcal spray and the difference it makes is miraculous. Evan after hours of giving college lectures, I can come home, use the throat spray, and get right to work in the studio. There’s nothing better than an all natural way to vocal health! ” – Mary Kelly, VO Actor


      All orders are shipped via USPS at a flat rate $8 per package to ensure quick delivery and product safety