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Voice Over is a business, and VO Peeps believes talent should have the opportunity to improve and grow their career, regardless of financial limitations. Sometimes we're all faced with a temporary situation of financial setback, but we've still got to pay our bills - that's where community can help. Our mission is to give back to the Voiceover Community through the establishment of various scholarship opportunities. Career scholarships are given to aid in the startup and growth of recipients' voiceover careers. Multiple Scholarships may be given throughout the year, and can help with things like Membership Dues, Training Fees, Equipment Costs, Demo Production, Conference Attendance, and more...


Winners of sponsored competitions or events

Students or talent displaying artistic promise and demonstrating financial need

Participants of special scholarship campaigns including travel expense coverage and conference fees

Equipment purchases for talent in financial need

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Your donations are tax-deductible. 


ONLINE - Donate conveniently using the DONATE button below. All donations will be received by our Scholarship Fiscal Sponsor, SoCal Media Pros

ONE-TIME GIFT - Donate directly via cash or check, payable to VO Peeps CESF.  Contact or call us at +1 (949) 630-3208 for details.

SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP - Donate time toward coaching & mentoring students! We’ll market via your rate; you simply give your time to the winner!

GIFTS IN KIND - (i.e. recording equipment, professional/commercial quality audio equipment for home studios, soundproo?ng/acoustic material, portable recording booths, voiceover etc.)  If you or your business have items to donate, please contact or call +1 (949) 630-3208.

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Our sincere gratitude to the incredible sponsors who have generously supported the VO Peeps Scholarship Program: