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Introducing the 2024 VO Peeps VO Atlanta Scholarship Winners!

Our panel of judges was delighted to review several excellent Scholarship entries this year. After careful consideration, The VO Peeps, in partnership with VO Atlanta 2024, are excited to announce the WINNERS of the 2024 VO Peeps VO Atlanta Scholarships! Thank you to ALL who entered! You are ALL winners in our hearts and we appreciate the effort you put into your applications! Thank you for sharing your stories with us, and we hope to see you all at VO Atlanta next month. A big thank you to Anna and J. Michael Collins for helping us to help make Dreams Come True - Thank you!

In the end, our expert panel of judges selected winners from an amazing pool of talented and deserving entries:



Rosemarie Lagunas has been a VoiceOver performer for many decades (if you can count reading novels to her students during her teaching career!) Once retired from teaching, she thought, “Well, now I’m too old to be a film actor…Hmm, I can do VoiceOver work instead!” Since 2017 she has been able to set up a home recording studio, train for VoiceOver, and get signed with a VoiceOver agent.  She also discovered along the way that she is not too old for film acting.  She just completed shooting a full feature film and afterwards got a theatrical agent.  It’s never too late to teach old dogs new tricks!

You can find out more about Rosemarie here:

Rosemarie, thank you for sharing your story with us, and we can't wait to see you next month!



Martine Richards is a British/Canadian screen actress and award-winning voice actor based in West Sussex, UK. She enjoys morphing between accents and creating memorable characters. Martine is also skilled at explaining tricky company jargon after years of working in the corporate world; bringing life and creativity to dry reads. Some of her clients include: Disney, Calpol, Moody's, Pantene, Hoover, Probio 7, and many more. 

Martine is thrilled to be selected as the International Scholarship winner for the VOPeeps VO Atlanta 2024 Scholarship. And is excited to attend VO Atlanta for the first time; and to learn, grow and meet more members of our incredible voiceover community. 

Martine - we are so excited you are going to make the journey to Atlanta. Thank you for sharing your story, and we'll see you soon!

Thank you to ALL who applied - You are all winners in our eyes. Congratulations again to Rosemarie and Martine, and a big thank you to Anna and J. Michael Collins for helping us make dreams come true. We'll see you in March!

For more information about VO Atlanta please visit:


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