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Improv for VO with Scott Parkin

Scott Parkin

Build and Sharpen Your Competetive Edge w/Scott Parkin!

Scott's improv classes are fast-paced, informational, and entertaining. This June, Scott will share advice from his 27 years in Voice Over/TV/Advertising & improvisation!

In this class, you will learn:

  • The basics of improv techniques

  • How to add life to your scripts through improv

  • Current trends in commercials and where they are likely heading

  • Takeaways for copy analysis

  • A solid practical application auditioning strategy

  • The ability to increase the number and range of commercials you can compete for

This class will give you the confidence to take risks behind the mic!

About Scott Parkin

Scott has voiced over 2,000 radio & TV commercials as well as appeared as a principal performer in over 200 on-camera commercials. Scott is an improv specialist having improvised on stage, in film, television, and on the radio for over 27 years. Scott Parkin is a master at the "Conversational, real read". He has developed his techniques and how to teach in over his 27 years in commercial TV & Radio VO. Scott's classes are highly entertaining, energetic, and focus on "Practical Application", his students use what they learn in his class immediately when they leave the room. It all starts with finding your natural voice through improvisation and adapting to the copy at hand. In today's incredibly competitive market, these are the keys to success that set you apart and how to bring these skills to EVERY audition.

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