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Additional Date Added! Hands-on Remote Live Action Dubbing

Back by Popular Demand! - Discover the World of Remote Live Action Dubbing at Our Exclusive Events with Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault from 7 Media Holdings!

Back by popular demand! Our first hands-on workshop sold out almost immediately, so we're offering a second workshop opportunity to participate in a hands-on remote live-action dubbing session. Get one-on-one instruction from Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault! Exceptional students will get a chance to belong to 7HM's Roster of dubbing actors.


Audit spots will also be offered. By auditing the class, you'll gain invaluable insights into the Rythmo Band dubbing technique as you watch Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault provide one-on-one instruction and practice with participant voice actors.

The craft of dubbing is in high demand and this course will teach you the most common live-action dubbing technique that is being used right now.

In 2018, Fannie created the dubbing department at Roundabout Entertainment in LA. She has dub-produced, voice-cast and co-directed over 15 series and 16 Features. Since forming 7HM during the pandemic, Fannie has adopted the remote-dubbing workflow that Max created. Since then 7HM have remote dubbed a series and 6 features.

Please Note:

-Dubbers will take turns every 30 minutes. Everyone, dubbers and auditors, will be watching 8 remote dubbing sessions of 30 minutes each. This will be a great learning experience for participants and auditors alike.

-As a dubber, when it's your turn you will have to disconnect from Zoom and open the 2 links that you will be sent (1 video, 1 audio) and then start dubbing with Fannie. Everyone else in the class will watch this live-dubbing session via Zoom!

-Participants need to be equipped with an interface, headphones, a hard-wired or very strong wireless connection, a computer screen, and a sound-treated room.

-Before the session, Max will get in touch with Dubbers to sound-check you. No other software will be needed from the actors.

- You will get sent your 2 links by email. 1 video, 1 audio and that's all there is! Fannie will be in your headphones and your voice in her speakers!

-Once you have purchased a participant ticket, you will need to email Fannie a 45-second sample mp3 of your voice from your recording space. This should just be you talking naturally. For example, telling Fannie about the last TV show you enjoyed, as if talking to a friend in a bar. With this voice sample, Fannie will be able to adapt the perfect scene for your pitch, range, and age. Your scene will be taken from a real previously released show that she has worked on.

About Fannie:

Fannie has multiple years of experience in dubbing and localization with decades of experience in several sectors of the entertainment industry. Fannie has a deep appreciation of the fine arts and studied at both the prestigious National French Conservatory in France, Cours Florent and at UCLA, through their Directing/Drama program. Fannie brings a high level of expertise to every project she localizes, transforming foreign-language live-action and animated projects into both French, English & Latino Spanish with the same level of care and attention brought to the original production.

About Max:

Max is a production specialist with over a decade of experience, specializing in the audio, visual, and technical sectors of the entertainment industry. He serves as both technical support for VoiceQ, (the leading software for dubbing and localization, worldwide), and the head technical engineer and CFO for 7 Holdings Media, an independent dubbing and localization production company.

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