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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Casting Director Workout with Terry Berland

Renowned Casting Director Terry Berland directed the Peeps on a variety of different commercial reads and styles and offered advice on how to make each read bookable. She also offered valuable insights into the current landscape of voiceover casting. She emphasized the importance of capturing the overall emotional essence of a script, noting that every spot in today's market carries a significant emotional weight. She then emphasized the importance of imparting your personal point of view within your performance and avoiding the temptation to add unnecessary flair or personality that may distract from the core message.

Words of Wisdom

The voiceover is the icing on the cake. It brings in the final emotional feel. - Terry Berland
You have to figure out the feel of the script and apply your signature read to that feel. - Terry Berland
Don’t give too much personality. Your personality can take over a read, and it’s not about you! - Terry Berland

What Peeps are Saying ...

The workout group with Terry Berland was inspirational. To get the opportunity to perform a script for Terry was amazing, her direction, re-direction & appraisal was priceless. I learned so much with my performance, but being able to watch all the other participants doing theirs also, was truly educational. Thank you Anne , Dianna, Bonnie & all at VO Peeps, and a special word of gratitude to the wonderful Terry Berland for her wisdom & knowledge and for sharing some of her precious time with us...... with the time difference I participated in the workshop at 1-3am BST, but it was so worth it, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. - Mark C. This session has been a privilege. I’ve learned so much….And I know what she expects, needs,….and I’m now ALWAYS going with my gut…” - Jane Beverley

Video Replay:

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Upcoming Events

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This May, Talent Manager Brandon Cohen (BAC Talent) will join the VO Peeps. In the last month, BAC talent has booked recently with Disney, Starbucks, Chase, Warby Parker, Bank of Hawaii, Comcast, Google, Volkswagen, Skyrizi, Lays, and some confidential video games/political spots. 


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