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Casting Director Mark Sweeney - Wrap-up!

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Casting director Mark Sweeney recently shared valuable insights with the VO Peeps community!

In our latest workshop, Sound & Fury Casting Director Mark Sweeney emphasized the importance of workshops to get valuable feedback on your reads and the chance to learn from other voice actors. Mark advised actors to focus on grounded, conversational reads and to bring their unique perspective to the copy. He also emphasized the importance of being playful and relaxed behind the mic and bringing one's own personality to the audition. Overall, he recommended bringing authenticity, creativity, and adaptability to your auditions.

Words of Wisdom:

When we get behind the mic we should be playful. We should never be stressed. Be loose, playful, and be yourself. - Mark Sweeney
As a casting director, I can tell in the first 3 or 4 words if you've brought your authentic self to the read. - Mark Sweeney
One of the most important things an actor can bring to copy is an opinion; a thought, a perspective. It makes it more interesting and fun for a casting director. - Mark Sweeney

Peeps are saying:

"I wanted to reach out and say thanks for offering auditing for the class last night - what a nice person Mark Sweeney is; and some great notes and opportunities to listen to some very talented colleagues!" - Christine C. "This was my first workout and will not be my last. What an incredible experience. Mark Sweeny was lovely; encouraging and knowledgeable. It was a joy to share this experience with others. Everyone was so supportive. It was a feel good evening. You learn so much, above all how to interact with professionals. There is no better way to learn this. Thanks Anne for an amazing evening. I’m so proud to be a VO Peep!" - Susan B.

Video Replay

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