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Carrie Keranen - Live-Action Dubbing - Wrap-up

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Nurturing Your Unique Voice in the World of Live Action Dubbing - with Carrie Keranen

Casting Director Carrie Keranen joined the VO peeps to direct a one-of-a-kind workshop, designed to equip actors for live-action dubbing auditions. In the world of fast-paced auditions, it's easy to let the cacophony of opinions and pressures drown out your inner voice. Carrie urged us to remember, amidst all the chatter in your head, the most crucial voice to listen to is our own. Be kind to yourself, for one person's opinion on one day isn't a reflection of your talent. Understanding the significance of your voice and how to harness its uniqueness is paramount. Carrie showed us that the voice is an extraordinary instrument, and the vulnerability of our craft can make the things people say get inside our head, but we must remember that their words are often reactions in that particular moment. Instead of seeking validation, embrace your uniqueness, and let it run wild within the defined playing field you set for yourself. When you do, you'll find that your voice, like your imagination, has the power to transform auditions into opportunities for creative expression.

Words of Wisdom:

The voice is one of the most unique instruments on the planet. People can make judgments. Remember, they are JUST people's opinions. - Carrie Keranen
From a casting director's perspective, If your first 3 sentences sound like you’re reading a piece of paper then you’re out. Also, in live action dubbing, the facial features should match the sound of the voice. - Carrie Keranen
If your brain is busy with creative imaginings, it turns down the volume on all the other nonsense. - Carrier Keranen

Peeps are Saying...

Last night's workout with casting director Carrie Keranen was incredible. She spent so much time with every student, talking through specificity and how to mine the script for more information when you're not given much in the specs. I loved that she took her time with each one of us and didn't rush to get through the list. And her re-directs! EVERYONE's second/third/etc reads were soooo much better after working with her! 15/10 would recommend! Thanks for having her! -Lynn Norris

Video Replay

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