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Event Wrap up: Hands-On Remote Live Action Workshop with 7 Holdings Media

screen capture of event zoom

Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault led 10 live-action dubbing sessions in our VO peeps Remote Dubbing Workshop!

The recent Live Action Dubbing Workshop led by Fannie and Max from 7HM provided participants with an intriguing and educational experience in the realm of remote dubbing. The workshop introduced the Rhythmo Band technique, where dialogue lines are synchronized with a visual trigger bar. Fannie emphasized the importance of being fully immersed in the scene while dubbing, stressing the significance of observing the character's movement and body language. Participants were encouraged to stay emotionally flexible and connect with the character's emotions as time flies swiftly behind the microphone. The workshop shed light on the intricacies of dubbing, highlighting the need for a supportive director, maintaining organic performances, and paying attention to details such as mouth movements and intention.

Want to work one-on-one with Fannie and Max and get a chance to be added to 7HM's Roster of Dubbers?

Back by popular demand: Fannie and Max will be back to lead the VO Peeps in a hands-on demonstration of their remote dubbing method. Get one-on-one instruction and practice with Remote Live Action Dubbing from Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault! Get honest feedback on where you stand as a dubber! Exceptional students will get a chance to belong to 7HM's Roster of dubbing actors. Audit spots are also available

Words Of Wisdom

It takes a village to do a good dub.
Any dubbing gig that you’re getting, you’ll never know what you’ll be doing in the session. The director will tell you the moment before, during, and after to give you the intention behind the scene.
You never know what kind of character you’re going to get. You have to count on your acting training to become a dubber.

Peeps Are Saying

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to observe and practice remote dubbing with Fannie and Max. This was a rare opportunity for me to try out a leading edge technique. I found it interesting and educational, and loved observing skilled colleagues dive into a new experience along with me! Thank you for offering this workshop. - Jen Gosnell Today's dubbing session with Fannie and Max of 7HM was absolutely amazing... I never done any real training or hands on performing with dabbing, and I got to see the masters in action! If you're reading this, you have to know another session is coming up very soon. Sign up now before all the sponsor gone! - Brad Hyland Working with Fannie and Maxime of 7HM in the dubbing intensive was one of my favourite group coaching experiences. They both have such passion for what they do and who they work with. I recommend it 100% - they're excellent directors/coaches and definitely who you want to talk to if you are seeking to develop your dubbing skills and understand the genre. - Curtis Michael Holland

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VIPeeps members get monthly workouts with industry professionals for free! Sign up now to get access to free monthly workouts. As always, VIPeeps have access to workout archives when signed in to our website. Purchasing a VIPeeps™ Club membership will give you instant video access to previous and future VO Peeps educational archives, as well as over 150+ hours of educational content, 15% off live Guest Director Workouts, invites to directed monthly workouts with Anne & friends, and an exclusive members-only Facebook Group.

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