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Insights from Ellen Dubin's Video Game Workshop with VO Peeps

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"I am enough. You are enough to book work in this industry, and there is work for everyone in this room." - Ellen Dubin During Ellen Dubin's recent three-hour video game workshop with VO Peeps, we were provided with valuable insights on how to craft powerful and captivating performances that can catch the attention of casting directors and increase the likelihood of receiving callbacks. Ellen worked one-on-one with each participant, bringing out our raw, vulnerable emotions and guiding us toward creating a memorable audition.

We learned how to slow down, take a breath, and access real emotions to make a lasting impression in the crucial initial moments of our reads. Ellen stressed the importance of being authentic and bringing our true selves to the audition. She helped us understand that it's not just about delivering the lines, but also about connecting with the audience on an emotional level.

Ellen Dubin's workshop served as a great reminder for us of the importance of creating emotional, authentic readings that stand out in auditions. By utilizing the "moment before the script" and accessing real emotions, we can create auditions that connect with casting directors and leave a lasting impression.

Words of Wisdom:

In an audition, if you can get that quiet moment, we see your vulnerability and your caring. It’s what you do to the other character that will inform your voice. - Ellen Dubin
Everything in video games is about relationships, even if the character isn’t in the room. - Ellen Dubin
Do not act the adjectives – If you try and be sweet, sassy, sexy, hungry, it will lead you to play a generalization of a character. Be very careful. We have to be able to transform what that adjective means into an action - “Hi, I’m cocky”, becomes “I want you to give me approval, I want to be loved.” - Ellen Dubin

Peeps are saying:

WOW. Just WOW!”, is a perfect way to sum up the VO Peeps Ellen Dubin Video Game workout. Her message of “I am enough”, and how Ellen integrated that in her direction to each actor brought out incredible performances. Her tips, techniques, and direction were amazing. What an excellent workshop! - Mike L.

THANKS A MILLION ANNE!!! For such a great class with Ellen Dubin last night!!! She was wonderful!!!! I really hope she does a Creature Class as well, like she mentioned!!! It was great to finally meet you as well!!! THANKS AGAIN & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!! AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR YOUTUBE TIPS AS WELL!!!! - Eddie F.

A quick note to say how much I enjoyed and learned from you and the course members yesterday. It was a revelation to be able to absorb the techniques you taught. Invaluable. You are so brilliant with so much knowledge about the acting craft. As we might say in the UK, the time was "worth a guinea an ounce". Thanks to Anne for setting up the session and directing from master control. - David P.

What-A-Workout-HOT-Dammmmmm - Dearest Anne & Ellen. Thanks for such a fantastic VOPEEPS games workout last evening. I dreamed about witches & zombies & walking Undead all night. They were nice to me though. Can’t wait to meet Anne in Atlanta and really hoping Ellen will be there as well. If not I will find you because I really want to work with you again! Big Love to you both & all the Peeps ensemble. - Anne Ghrist

Thank you for bringing us this workshop with the amazing Ellen Dubin! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ellen in the past, and I will never miss an opportunity to learn from her. If you’re wondering if every class is the same cookie-cutter workshop every time, no no no. Here’s why I keep coming back: Everyone is unique, and she works with the uniqueness that each individual brings to the table, where they’re at right now, and helps us relate to our characters with our own personal experiences - with practical, workable tactics everyone can use to improve their performance. It doesn’t matter where you’re at or your current skill level. She takes the time to learn about everyone she works with ahead of time, and she will challenge you and take you places you never thought you could go. You know that dark little corner of your brain where you shove the thing you don’t think you can do? Be prepared to go there, but in a safe, supportive, encouraging and empowering way. The results are freaking amazing, and because of her individualized care and attention, every workshop is different. Something new will click every time. EVERY TIME. Can’t wait for the next! :D - Storm W.

Anne Ganguzza offers the most extraordinary workshops time after time. This last one with Ellen Durbin was no exception except that it surpassed all expectations. So much concrete help with support and encouragement all the way - truly amazing and inspirational. Ellen went above and beyond by researching all of our websites and demos before the workshop. Who does that?? Not many. Can’t thank you enough for the ongoing help and support- it helps beyond measure and keeps me going.- K.A. Kosche

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