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Live Action Dubbing with Casting Director Carrie Keranen

From Audition to Performance: Live-Action Dubbing with Casting and Voice Director Carrie Keranen

Read for Live Action Dubbing Casting Director Carrie Keranen in this VO Peeps Workshop!

Live-action is seeing a boom in the industry, as foreign content is not struck. In this comprehensive and interactive workout, you will learn the nuances of the live-action dubbing audition and recording process. Carrie Keranen voice directs live-action dubbing, video games, on-camera, and live theater. Her clients include Netflix, HBO, HBO Max, NCSoft, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Iyuno, and GKIDS. For live-action dubbing, she casts all the projects she will be directing.

In this workshop, you will read one-on-one for Carrie and learn:

  • how to perform believable auditions for the live-action medium

  • the ins and outs of the live-action dubbing industry

  • how to make your performances sound like on-camera action

  • how live action dubbing aids in accessibility for viewers

About Carrie:

Carrie Keranen is a voiceover director who has worked with hundreds of actors from all across the country and at all levels of their careers. She has directed for video games, foreign language dubs, on-camera series and shorts, and live theater. Highlights of her work include Lineage 2 Mobile, Argentina 1985, Prisma, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Elite Season 2, Baby (Season 1-3), Veneno, Patria, Superdrags, Biohackers, Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan as well as Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. She has also appeared in hundreds of voiceover projects so she has an excellent understanding of what the actor is experiencing in the booth. Mentorship and participating positively in the lives of others is a core value of hers.

Get one-on-one direction on your reads from casting director Carrie Keranen! We'll meet via Zoom on Thursday, September 16th, from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PT - please note the special time for this event!! Reserve your seat today!

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