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Political Voiceover w/Brandon Perry

Join us for a VO Peeps Political Workout with Brandon Perry, as the 2024 election season approaches and the demand for skilled voice actors in political advertising grows

Read for Brandon Perry, the owner of Sound Nectar Studios in a VO Peeps Political Workout! Join us for a Political Voiceover Workshop lead by Sound Nectar Studios' Brandon Perry. Explore the intricacies of political advertising, learn essential elements of a political read, avoid common mistakes talent make when transitioning from commercial-to-political reads, discover who hires for political ads, and enhance your skills through our performance portion with personalized direction.

About Brandon

Audio Engineer and owner of Audio-Post House Sound Nectar Studios, Brandon Perry creates creative content for TV, Radio, and Digital Advertising. With over a decade of Audio Post-Production experience, Brandon has recorded, sound designed, and mixed tens of thousands of commercials and several films. Many successful and experienced voiceover talent have trusted Brandon to craft custom demos for their distinct skills and business goals. Most of the year you can find Brandon behind the desk mixing political ads and documentaries concerning social justice.

Get one-on-one direction on your reads from Brandon Perry! We'll meet via Zoom on Thursday, August 17th, from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm PT!! Reserve your seat today!

Save 15% on tickets!

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