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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Romance Audio with Dianna Conley

Dianna Conley joined the VO Peeps for a bit of Romance this February! This informative and interactive workshop covered the romance audio genre including audiobooks, video games, and apps for romance audio, and allowed each participant time to practice scripts! Dianna gave information on the delivery and business basics of each audio area and critiqued each student on their reads. The Peeps walked away from this workshop with industry knowledge on how to bring believable and fantastical romance stories to life.

Words of Wisdom

Slow down your narration. You probably don't like it when people rush the romance, so don't rush the narration. - Dianna Conley
The characters in the books don't know they are in a story - keep it real. - Dianna Conley
Audition for audiobooks where the main character fits your voice style. - Dianna Conley

What Peeps are Saying ...

Romance and Erotica are tricky genres in voiceover. They are shrouded in social and personal taboos making them difficult for folks who wish to provide the voice for this kind of material. I truly appreciated Dianna Conley's professionalism, candor, and transparency when leading her workshop on this genre. She offers a wealth of experience and is very generous with the information she shares with others. She guided each of the participants through the material with specific techniques to help them feel confident with the text and imagery. She is a wonderful coach!"

- Monique B. "Anne Ganguzza once again brings us the chance to participate in an important, well thought out voiceover workshop. Thanks Anne! This workshop on Romance and Erotica brought to light a genre we might not necessarily think about but Dianna Conley is the queen of that world and conducted a workshop befitting that status. It began with a presentation packed with information and resources on this genre and audiobooks in general with Dianna always ready to answer our questions. We had received a packet of text excerpts and chose our own copy ranging from mild to wild! We presented them and got adjustments to redo them. There was some fine work and I must say, being a senior, that is old folks killed it!! Thanks so much to Anne, Dianna and all the participants because, after all, we all learn from each other." - Susan B

"I loved the Spicy Side of Voiceover Webinar! Dianna provided so many valuable tools and resources and honesty about this area of voiceover work. Her energy and passion is contagious. We forget that sex is a healthy part of wellness and wellbeing because of the taboos surrounding this topic. Kudos to Dianna and Anne for providing such an important webinar for us. So much gratitude, thank you!" - Laura Dianna is amazing! 2 hours weren't enough for all the information she gave us. It is a fascinating world, and Dianna guides you through it flawlessly. She is very kind, receptive and always willing to help. The best in the game! - Alejandro C.

Video Replay:

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Upcoming Events

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This March, VO Peeps is proud to welcome Vince LeBica from DPN Talent as our special guest director. DPN, a top-tier Los Angeles based voice-over agency, and represents some of the industry's most famous talent including: Mark Hamil, John Ratzenberger, and Henry Winkler. Join us this March and learn from one of the best!


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