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Post-Workout Wrap Up - Speed Auditions w/Everett Oliver

Everett Oliver joined the VO Peeps in March to give us insight into the animation casting process! Everett took us through initial auditions, callbacks, and finally cast someone for a role. Everett gave in-depth feedback to help us get out of our heads and into character!

Everyone got to read the same script for our first round and received feedback on two takes! This gave Everett the chance to get to know every reader. Then Everett chose scripts for each participant to read based on their initial performance and demo! For this second round, everyone got one take to impress the casting director. After this, Everett picked four participants to read for the call back round, and ultimately cast one voice who won a free coaching session!

In addition to wonderful feedback for the attendees, Everett talked about the importance of bringing YOU to a character instead of focusing on a voice. He helped us understand that to stand out we have to bring a unique quality that only we possess!

Words of Wisdom

"Always make the listener laugh. If the casting director laughs, you’ll most likely get the callback."

- Everett Oliver

What Peeps are Saying ...

"I had such a blast in the Speed Round Auditions with Everett Oliver! His rapid-fire nuggets of wisdom and easy-going demeanor made the time fly by. Thank you VOPeeps for such a fun night!" - Anna Wang

“Thank you so much Everett! It was a great learning experience!” - Sura Siu

“Thank you Everett! Learned a lot!!” - Monica Wolfkill

Video Replay:

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