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Two New Special Events: Dubbing for Live Action Film & TV

Discover the World of Remote Live Action Dubbing at Our Exclusive Events with Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault from 7 Media Holdings!

Workshop 1 - Remote Dubbing Informational Webinar with live Q & A - Only $39!

Join us for a special VO Peeps Webinar, where industry experts Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault will unveil the secrets of Remote Live Action Dubbing for Film & TV. This webinar is perfect for those looking to break into the world of live-action dubbing, regardless of their location!

As founders of 7 Holdings Media, Fannie and Max have developed an innovative approach to remote Rhythm Band dubbing, enabling voice actors to excel in this exciting field. Adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of the entertainment industry is crucial. That's why, in response to the challenges caused by COVID-19, Fannie and Max pioneered a remote live-action dubbing technique that eliminates delays and ensures the safety of voice actors working from home.

Register now and secure your spot at this special VO Peeps Webinar on Remote Live Action Dubbing with Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault. See you there! Learn about the Rhythm Band dubbing technique from the best in the business in this special webinar! We'll meet via Zoom on Wednesday, June 14th, from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm PT!! Reserve your seat today!

Workshop 2 - Intensive Hands-On Remote Dubbing Session for Live Action Film & TV - Pricing varies

Fannie and Max will offer a special hands-on workshop, - ONLY TEN PARTICIPANT SPOTS AVAILABLE (audit spots also available). Register now to work one-on-one on a live remote dubbing session with Fannie and Max, and get a chance to be added to their roster! -Dubbers will take turns every 30 minutes. Everyone, dubbers and auditors, will be watching 8 remote dubbing sessions of 30 minutes each. This will be a great learning experience for participants and auditors alike.

-As a dubber, when it's your turn you will have to disconnect from Zoom and open the 2 links that you will be sent (1 video, 1 audio) and then start dubbing with Fannie. Everyone else in the class will watch this live-dubbing session via Zoom!

-Participants need to be equipped with an interface, headphones, a hard-wired or very strong wireless connection, a computer screen, and a sound-treated room.

-Before the session, Max will get in touch with Dubbers to sound-check you. No other software will be needed from the actors.

- You will get sent your 2 links by email. 1 video, 1 audio and that's all there is! Fannie will be in your headphones and your voice in her speakers!

-Once you have purchased a participant ticket, you will need to email Fannie a 45-second sample mp3 of your voice from your recording space. This should just be you talking naturally. For example, telling Fannie about the last TV show you enjoyed, as if talking to a friend in a bar. With this voice sample, Fannie will be able to adapt the perfect scene for your pitch, range, and age. Your scene will be taken from a real previously released show that she has worked on.

About Fannie and Max

From 2018 to 2021, Fannie consulted through her Company 7 Holdings Media (7HM) at Roundabout Studio as an English Dubbing Supervisor, Voice Casting Director and a Co-Director for 15 series and 16 films. All these projects were for NETFLIX as she also Consulted / Produced for Encore Voices some Audio Descriptions and Animations for many other substantial clients (Paramount, Disney etc...) also in English. In Septe

mber 2020, she decided to start taking on projects with her co-producer-husband and 7HM partner Maxime Rabault. 7HM now has 5 Features and its first series recorded remotely from German to Eng US for Paramount +. 7HM is very proud to share that from our dubbing workshops, we managed to hire 5 students in this Series dubbed in March & April 2023. 7HM likes to give back and create a room for hope for newcomers in the dubbing world. Fannie has a true passion for what she does and gives her actors and co-workers as much compassion and enthusiasm she can give. "I want to give my team everything I didn't get as an actor, as I believe we can deliver excellence with egos at the door, lots of laughs and passion for what we do."

Born and raised in the South of France, Maxime moved to Paris to study at T

he International Film & Television School Paris (EICAR). After obtaining his Master of Fine Arts, he spent 10 years working as a video production Manager and Camera Operator for French National Television and private companies. His clients include France Television Group, Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Mezzo, Arte and TF1. In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles and founded 7 Holdings Media: a production company specializing in localization and dubbing of A-List live action and animated projects into both French and English. In this quickly changing climate, learning to adapt is key -- that is why, in light of COVID, Max as the CFO & IT of 7 Holdings Media also created a proprietary technology that allows their team to work and record safely from home. Now 7HM is only producing remote dubs.

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