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Brandon Perry - Political Voiceover- Wrap-up

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Navigating the Complex Terrain of Political Voiceover: Insights from Brandon Perry

Brandon Perry - owner of Sound Nectar Studio, joined the VO peeps to help prepare us for the 2024 election cycle. Brandon's insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the nuances and challenges associated with this unique genre. In particular, the differences between commercial and political voiceover. Having established his own studio in 2020, Brandon brings a wealth of experience from both smaller and medium-to-major market campaigns.

Contrary to the common perception of political voiceovers being fueled by anger, Brandon emphasizes the importance of tapping into nuanced emotions like disgust, disappointment, and annoyance to engage listeners effectively. He highlights the essential practice of conveying messages without resorting to aggression, making the audience feel the desired sentiment rather than hear it. Brandon's expertise also delves into the delicate balance of portraying candidates positively while refraining from negative campaigning. Additionally, he underlines the complexities of dealing with SuperPACs and the necessity of maintaining ethical standards to ensure long-term credibility.

Words of Wisdom:

The listener won’t remember the THINGS you said, they’ll remember how they felt. - Brandon Perry
If you have a list of three, all three are important, do not emphasize the word AND. - Brandon Perry
Most people tend to think “anger” – but no one wants to listen to you be angry or mad. In political reads, we want to live in the world of disgust, disappointed, and annoyed, but don’t yell at the listener. However you feel doing the reads, the listener will feel as well. - Brandon Perry

Peeps are Saying...

The political VO workshop with Brandon Perry was simply outstanding! It was my first workshop in this genre and Brandon have some scripts to work with and fantastic feedback and direction. Gotta get that political demo now! - Bruce Nix

Video Replay

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